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Attest 3.0 for Flex 4 Certification Study Released!

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Attest 3.0 is now available for download to use for all of your Flex 4 Certification study needs and help you become an Adobe Certified Expert! Dave and I worked hard writing questions and updating the software to Flex 4/AIR 2.0 while still trying to maintain our day jobs and overcome some hurdles along the way as noted on his PXL blog. We are thrilled to have it out now and you can download it today as either a trial/free version or purchase the full version. The trial contains one free mini practice exam with 30 questions and 99 months of study (the longest trial we could choose with AIR Marketplace), and the full version contains access to all questions and features available for $20. The full version’s random feature allows you to choose a mini or full exam and will never have the same order or content of questions. It also offers an option to show the answers with each question if you want immediate validation and feedback of your answer while studying and has a ‘Study’ feature with specific links to each area to focus on for studying, which is precisely where the actual exam questions are coming from. See Dave’s post regarding the change in maintaining the different versions of Attest this time around if you’re already familiar with this software.

Many thanks to my cohort Dave for all of his hard work on this and all versions of Attest, you ROCK!! He graciously allowed me to be involved in this venture and we’ve proven to make a great team! We plan to continue to add more questions to this version and are interested in hearing your feedback on how we can make Attest better in the future!

The official details of the Adobe Flex 4 ACE exam can be found here. Happy studying and good luck 🙂


New Attest PRO version offered in AIR Marketplace Try/Buy Program!

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We on the Attest team have been hard at work creating a new Attest PRO version that is now offered on the Adobe AIR Marketplace in the new Try/Buy Service announced today at Adobe MAX! Dave and I have been working late hours and weekends implementing a number of new features for this version and are particularly excited about being able to participate in the Try/Buy Program.

Picture 15

Attest PRO features:

  • Two Modes – there are now two modes in Attest, ‘Test’ and ‘Learn’. The Learn mode offers tons of resrouces broken down into the specific categories and topics the Flex/AIR Certification Exam focuses on to help you quickly start studying those areas you will be tested on without having to research them yourself.
  • Picture 19

  • Randomization – this version supports randomization so you never get the same exam twice and cannot memorize the order of questions or answers. This is a huge change from our regular Attest version and we are continuously adding questions to our Attest database so you will keep finding more and more new questions.
  • New Menu Options
    • Untimed option – you can now select an option to take your tests untimed if you want to use them for practice until you’re ready to try it with the pressure of time.
    • Show Answer option – new feature to help with studying and provide instant feedback. You can select this option if you’d like to answer and immediately see if you’re correct. The Show Answer dialog also shows feedback and documentation links for further study. An example is shown in the 2nd screenshot below:

Picture 16

Picture 26

  • New Questions/Answer Results Renderer visually shows what you missed quickly so you can drill in for more info in a grid of answers. Clicking in further will take you to another view that will allow you to quickly review every question again with the answer you chose and the correct answer(s) highlighted in green for you to review. Those screens are shown below:

Picture 21

Picture 24

About Adobe Marketplace Try/Buy

The Try/Buy Service Adobe is offering is allowing Attest PRO to be offered on a trial basis before being purchased. The trial is currently set for 3 days, and will restrict some features in the application until fully purchased.  And of course the free regular Attest version will always still be available for those that do not feel the need to cough up the dough 😉

To try out Attest PRO, go here

Be sure to check out Dave’s post about Attest PRO as well for more details.

Attest 1.8.5 – Additional Flex 3/AIR mock exams released!

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Tonight we released another update to Attest based on some user feedback received from our previous poll. Version 1.8.5 includes the addition of a bunch of questions and exams as requested, and some you may find a bit more challenging. We also covered some additional material with these questions, so people should feel that much more prepared for the exam. It also includes a new randomization feature in the order of the questions that make it harder to memorize a pattern of answers. Dave and I are still hard at work on some other super cool features for version 2.0 (in addition to our regular work!) but knew that people were anxious to get their hands on more test questions, so we delivered 🙂 Grab the updated version here!

Attest 2.0 (Flex 3/AIR Certification Practice Exams) Feature Poll

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Since releasing Attest late March, Dave Flatley from PXL Designs, Inc and I have gotten some awesome feedback from the community including how you’re using it, features to add, change etc. We had some ideas of our own as well and decided it might be a good idea to come to the community and take a vote for the most desired features for Attest 2.0. Below is a poll that we came up with to summarize some major features we’re looking at for the next version of Attest. Take a moment and let us know what you think! A quick summary of the options follows. If you have other ideas not listed that you feel are more important, select Other and leave one of us a comment.

  • More Questions! More, tougher questions and exams, all categories – this option is pretty much what it sounds like, MORE, MORE, MORE, questions/answers/feedback. We realize the more questions you get right, the higher your confidence, and the less likely for memorizing the content. We are aware that this is a big one and are already working on more.
  • Learning/Practice Mode – un-timed test with answer and resource links with questions – this one has come up a couple of times… this entails adding a whole new section to Attest that allows you to start from scratch study-wise and learn what you need for the exam without ruining your scores on the testing section from having seen the questions during studying.
  • Community Area – test yourself against the guru’s, submit your own questions, feedback – this might be the most fun option of them all… it entails another new area in Attest that would include a place for the community to submit questions/answers/feedback for review to be added into Attest. And the other neat thing here is the option to see how your test results stacked up against those of well-known Flex/AIR guru’s ;).
  • Web Version – self-explanatory
  • UI enhancements – color changes, progress bar on exams, user interaction changes – ok, so we know Attest isn’t the most beautiful app you’ve ever used, but we do work on this in addition to our day jobs 🙂 and had an interest in getting something out sooner than later versus spend the additional time on the UI. HOWEVER, that being said, we realize there are some things we could change and enhance, and understand the value of User Experience, so vote for this option if you feel strongly about this!

So please take a second and vote! We value your opinions and appreciate your help in making Attest a success!