hollys-mug1I’ve been doing software development since 1996 with experience working for various Fortune 500 companies all the way down to a start-up. My experience is primarily in OO languages but I enjoy constantly learning new things and I’m always up for a challenge. I also really enjoy participating and helping out in the developer community as much as possible, and have met some really great developers in the process! You can find me on LinkedIn to read more about my work experience.

Holly Schinsky

Adobe Certified Expert - Flex with AIR

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12 Responses to “About”

  1. Hey Holly… It’s Dave from Merapi/Roundarch. I can’t wait to finally meet you at MAX. It should be a good time. Drop me an email if you’d like to get together before the BOF thing! -dave

  2. Hey Holly,
    I was looking at the example you created for Live Cycle integration with Hibernate on the Tour de Flex, but it looks like the link to the hibernate.cfg.xml file is broken. Is there any way you might be able to send that or get it corrected on the Tour De Flex?

  3. Hi Holly,

    I read some of your post, you know really a lot of things about AIR and Flex. I was wondering if I can ask you a simple question…
    I’m developing an AIR/Flex app, and I ran into a very strange problem using HTTPService class on Mac Os X: I make a call to a Java server (which use Java Comet), and I have to wait for about 1 minute to get the response. This works fine on both Linux and Windows environments, but not on Mac Os X: after exactly 60 seconds, the HTTP service call dispatch a fault event, but this doesn’t make sense to me, because actually the call is pending and it’s not broken.
    Do you have any idea about the cause of this strange behaviour?

    Thanks in advance!

  4. I like your blog lay out, very easy to follow, I need to work on making mine a little easier, any suggestions?

  5. Hello there, great examples on your site! I was wondering if there are any examples on drawing programmatically in Flex – the examples I’ve run across somehow don’t work properly, and all I’m getting is a blank screen.

    It seems like the old ‘addChild(sprite)’ ways don’t work anymore?
    Thanks for your help!

  6. Rus Russell Says:

    Thank you for taking time to have this “blog”.

    You have done well.

    I hold three degrees (1 B.S. / 2 Assoc.), so realize where I’m coming from when I say that I appreciate your instructions. They have helped me a lot.

    My learning curve for Flex4 has been greatly reduced because of you. I should be able to get my certification in Flex/Air and Coldfusion soon (for personal use only).

    Professionalism at its best.

  7. Hi Holly

    Would you please give me some idea for the following custom control?

    I want to build a complex control which can work both standalone and as drop-in itemrenderer/itemeditor, the control contains:

    1. a TextInput control, which is used to display record ID.
    2. a icon next to the TextInput control, when clicked, a dropdown control will be displayed. (just like DateField control with DateChooser)
    3. In the dropdown control(Opened), including the following compoents:
    3.1) a TextInput control, which acts as search condition input,
    3.2) on the right of the search condition TextInput control, is a button control, when clicked, perform query operation to obtain records.
    3.3) immediate below the above 2 controls, is a DataGrid control which lists records obtained in 3.2.
    3.4) on the bottom right corner, there are two buttons: Ok and Cancel. When a record is selected in the datagrid and Ok button clicked, the record ID will be populated back into the TextInput control in 1.

    Some hints or basic pseduo script will be highly appreciated. I don’t know which control can be extended and which methods should be overrided. Thanks a lot.


  8. Hi Holly, just thought you might want to mention the TLF specification on your blog that came out recently. http://blogs.adobe.com/tlf/files/2010/12/TLF_Specification_1.11.pdf

  9. Great Site! much thanks for this…

    Greets from Germany

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