Tour de Flex – New Mobile Development Additions

Tour de Flex (desktop and web version) were updated today to include a new mobile section showing samples using the Flex 4.5 SDK (Hero), so be sure to check it out! There are also links to download Flash Builder Burrito (Preview), Adobe AIR Launchpad, Tour de Mobile Flex and other resources to help you get up to speed with Flex and mobile development quickly.

Each mobile sample includes tabs showing the main MXML file, the home view code (new in Flex 4.5 SDK) and a tab showing any required application descriptor updates, including required permissions for the android manifest. You can copy and paste the code directly into your Flash Builder Burrito project and run or debug it either in the emulator included with Flash Builder Burrito or on your own personal device immediately. Each of these samples can also be generated from the Adobe AIR Launchpad (free AIR application) directly into one project as well, so keep that option in mind if you would like to use multiple samples quickly!


6 Responses to “Tour de Flex – New Mobile Development Additions”

  1. […] Holly Schinsky wrote a blog post with more details on the new samples. […]

  2. Hi,

    First of all i say you thanks for updating about the Flex development time to time.Second i like this section very much.But i have a question for you. You (as i remind may be i am wrong) never update about the flex and Facebook application scope or such like stuff.So i wait at least you write a single article on that.

    Thanks and bye

  3. […] Holly Schinsky wrote a blog post with more details on the new samples. […]

  4. […] Holly Schinsky wrote a blog post with more details on the new samples. […]

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