Attest 3.0 for Flex 4 Certification Study Released!

Attest 3.0 is now available for download to use for all of your Flex 4 Certification study needs and help you become an Adobe Certified Expert! Dave and I worked hard writing questions and updating the software to Flex 4/AIR 2.0 while still trying to maintain our day jobs and overcome some hurdles along the way as noted on his PXL blog. We are thrilled to have it out now and you can download it today as either a trial/free version or purchase the full version. The trial contains one free mini practice exam with 30 questions and 99 months of study (the longest trial we could choose with AIR Marketplace), and the full version contains access to all questions and features available for $20. The full version’s random feature allows you to choose a mini or full exam and will never have the same order or content of questions. It also offers an option to show the answers with each question if you want immediate validation and feedback of your answer while studying and has a ‘Study’ feature with specific links to each area to focus on for studying, which is precisely where the actual exam questions are coming from. See Dave’s post regarding the change in maintaining the different versions of Attest this time around if you’re already familiar with this software.

Many thanks to my cohort Dave for all of his hard work on this and all versions of Attest, you ROCK!! He graciously allowed me to be involved in this venture and we’ve proven to make a great team! We plan to continue to add more questions to this version and are interested in hearing your feedback on how we can make Attest better in the future!

The official details of the Adobe Flex 4 ACE exam can be found here. Happy studying and good luck ­čÖé


20 Responses to “Attest 3.0 for Flex 4 Certification Study Released!”

  1. Tahir Alvi Says:

    Thanks i say first of all to you and dave, second i am very much impress by reading that you do your jobs and also provide this new solution to flex community.
    I salute both of you for this work.

    Very Nice.

  2. hey….how about beta of this for android platform

    would be cool to solve tests on my daily commute

    • We totally agree!!! We’ve discussed this already and will be looking at it much more in the near future as the mobile dev’t options are expanding with the AIR for Android etc. Thanks!! Holly

  3. I see a nice improvement in the UI: you don’t have to look at the black background for 60 minutes anymore (haven’t checked Attest for a long time, so you might did that long ago)!

    • Thanks!! We hope to improve the UI still further. We don’t consider ourselves designers by any means, so feedback is appreciated!

  4. If we bought a license for the previous version, do we need to buy a new one to use this flex 4 version?

    • Yes, we discussed doing this but unfortunately since AIR Marketplace manages our licensing for this and doesn’t offer a way for us to give a discount to previous buyers, we have no choice there. We’re interested in other options for offering this in the future though and are looking into it. Thanks! Holly

  5. Correction Required :
    The trial contains one free mini practice exam with 30 questions and 99 months of study

    It should be 99 days i guess !

    • Hi Ajay, actually it doesn’t need a correction, the 99 months was the only way we could make this serve as our free version through Adobe AIR Marketplace. Previously we had two versions we were maintaining, one within AIR Marketplace and a separate free one. There is a link in my post to one about the versions on Dave’s blog if you want to find out more about what we did previously. Thanks! Holly

  6. Thanks a lot for the great job!

  7. Thank you for this tool. I hope you will add more questions soon, as currently the questions in tests repeat too frequently. Also some questions need corrections (e.g. the one with styling two buttons, one of which should have been mx, not spark).

    • Hi there, are you running the free version or the retail version? The retail version has close to 150 questions if you would like more study material. There was an issue at the beginning where we had a repeated question in the free version but it has been resolved. Thanks! Holly

      • I am running the retail version. I hope you will add more questions and review the answers for current questions in the next version. And it would be helpful if you could randomize the order of displayed answers.

  8. I want to buy the retail version of Attest 3. Can you tell me how?

    • Sure, you can get it from here. Once you run it you will get the option to purchase it or run the free version. Let me know if you have any problems, thanks!! Holly

  9. Thanks a lot for this wonderful application ( and by the word Thanks, i’m being very stingy in showing my gratitude… ) i just downloaded the Attest 3 and also purchased the full version, hope to see more Q’s & A’s added to it…

    But i’m unable to see how the app understands that my system or i ‘m using the full version coz i don’t see anywhere my Adobe-Id that i used to purchase the app or any purchase details inside my Attest 3 app…
    Thanks once again, will start to read 2morrow…

  10. I have a problem with update to version 3.0.5. It returns the error: Tuto aplikaci nelze nainstalovat, proto┼że instal├ítor byl nespr├ívn─Ť nakonfigurov├ín. Vy┼ż├ídejte si pomoc od autora aplikace. This Czech mesage is in English: This application cannot be installed, as the installer is incorrectly configured. Contact the author of the application.

  11. I too am getting the same error ” This application cannot be installed, as the installer is mis-configured. Contact the author of the application. “

    • Thanks, we are looking into the update issue, we had some certification changes for that version and we’re suspecting it could have caused a problem. I’ll post here when it’s been resolved, thanks!! Holly

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