Flex 4 Resources – Samples and Links!

Today we are rolling out the first batch of new Flex 4 samples based on the recent **Flex 4 SDK (update: as of 10/1/2009, all have been updated to work with the latest version of the SDK beta 2 released at MAX). Tour de Flex had a Flex 4 Preview category previously, but the samples were based on a very early build of Flex 4 and much as changed since then so many were no longer valid.

We recently spent some time with members of the Flex 4 team in San Francisco to get an idea of what had changed, what’s coming, etc and I’ve been working on creating new samples to help show off some of the new features. Many more are in the works and will be rolled out weekly while Flex 4 is under continued development, so stay tuned for tons more!

The Flex 4 team is working hard at addressing concerns previously raised and I think people will find a lot of really cool stuff to come here. Be sure to check out the readme’s in the various categories with the samples as well as the one in the top Flex 4 Preview folder. I’ve included some very helpful links that can make the transition so much less painful if you take the time to check them out. I think it is key in overcoming the learning curve quickly. I would also highly recommend spending some time going through the source code in the Flex 4 SDK to understand the architecture better. It was a huge help to me in coming up to speed with it overall. To get the very latest SDK and docs, check here for nightly builds.

If you have specific requests for a certain sample let me know, or if you’d like to contribute a sample feel free to contact myself or Greg Wilson with the sample you’d like to add. Also, if you have any issues with any sample or questions while trying Flex 4, feel free to contact me here on my blog, twitter or email and I will see if I can help you out 🙂

Flex 4 – Useful Links

  • What’s new in Flex 4
  • Differences Between Flex 3 and Flex 4
  • Flex 4 Livedocs (may not be most current)
  • Flex Examples (Peter DeHaan)
  • What’s New and Cool in Flex 4?
  • Flex 4 Overview (InsideRIA)
  • Flex 4 Overview Slides
  • Introduction to Flex 4 Skinning
  • Skinning Components and Applications in Flex 4 – Video
  • Skinning and Components in Flex 4’s Spark Architecture
  • Flex 4 Spark Skinning Post
  • Various Skinning Examples
  • Flex 4 Effects Part 1
  • Flex 4 Effects Part 2
  • Effects in Flex 4 Video
  • Stretch and Squash Effects in Flex 4
  • Spark Layouts
  • Spark Horizontal and Vertical Layouts
  • Flex 4 and Custom Layouts
  • Flex 4 Layouts Video
  • Spark Virtualization
  • Flex 3 versus Flex 4 State Management
  • Flex 4 States Video Tutorial
  • Advanced CSS Video
  • Flex 4 CSS Namespaces
  • Flex 4 – CSS Advanced Selectors
  • FXG 1.0 Specification
  • Text Layout Framework (TLF)
  • Text Layout Framework Overview Slides
  • Linked Containers in Flex 4 using Text Layout Framework
  • I will continue to update this list. Please feel free to comment with your favorites!

    Also, please note, the Tour de Flex samples are best viewed in the AIR version of Tour de Flex. When using the web version, we recommend hitting the expand button in the top right corner to see the full sample better. Sizing issues are currently being worked on.


    7 Responses to “Flex 4 Resources – Samples and Links!”

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    4. Great Site with some great links.

      Here is another one:
      Lee Brimelow’s:
      http://www.gotoandlearn.com/index is a good all round selection box of Adobe scriptic delights!

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