Generate PDF’s from your Flash, Flex and AIR apps

If you’re looking to generate a client side PDF from your Flash, Flex or AIR applications, there is a great ActionScript 3 library available now for doing just that. It’s called AlivePDF and was built under an MIT license so you are free to use it in your applications. I downloaded it and tried it myself and was generating a PDF from my AIR app in seconds! I found it very easy to use, and without requiring extensive coding. The download includes examples which are extremely helpful to get started quickly. There are some more useful notes about the API, as well as a sample of how to open and view that PDF just generated here as well:

PDF Away! 🙂


13 Responses to “Generate PDF’s from your Flash, Flex and AIR apps”

  1. I have an flash application. its like an text editor. user write some text and change color, size etc . I want that users can save pdf from that final result in editor editor. Is it possible with AlivePDF?

  2. That sounds like what Alive PDF is used for. Did you get it working?

  3. praneetg Says:

    PDF to Flash Converters – flash flip book, e-catalog converter websites are better option then writing the code for the conversion. There are several free wares they allow converting some amount of files for free, there are several such sites available you can use the trial version and select according to your company’s requirement to convert all our pdf product catalogs into flash catalog or flash flip books

  4. Hi ,
    i want to generate pdf for my web application through adobe Flex.
    i am using alivePDF library but i am not able to create pdf ,can anybody help me out for this with source code ? its urgent…!!

  5. […] PDF’s from Flex/AIR – Code Sample using AlivePDF Awhile back I posted about an API called AlivePDF written by Thibault Imbert. I created a sample with it for Tour de […]

  6. hi,
    I’m new to generating reports in flex. I want to generate pdf reports with charts and text data from flex3.0 in client side. plz help me. plz send the sample code to my mail id:

  7. my requirement is same as above. I want pdf generation with chart using flex3 or flex3 and java

  8. Sazzad Ahmmed Mohon Says:

    Is it possible to convert a pdf file to jpg image with AlivePdf?

  9. Tahir Alvi Says:


  10. W.Snipper Says:

    It seems easier to convert pdf to flash….
    I prefer to converting Pdf files by “axmag”. It’s handled easliy and smoothly. More info:

  11. saravanan.R Says:

    Hiiiii friends
    am new to thos type .pls help how can i start this project pdf to flip book conversion. Pls send any free source code

  12. For PDF files, you can try this free online converter, click “Free convert now” at this page.

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